Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Foster an Animal: #2


Reason #2: This one's pure and simple. Fostering brings joy into your life. Joy, joy, joy. Here's a taste.
Pictured Clockwise: Dorothy smiling and delightful just two weeks after leaving death row. Yours truly with alley momma Kitty Feathers and three week old Pirate, Pigeon, and Frances. Bonnie, whose crooked legs shaped right up once she had some good eats and exercise. And finally, a litle video of Linus in the amazingly adorable running-sideways stage.


  1. Can I have that puppy in a waffle cone to go please

  2. OMG. This video is soooo adorable. Pitty puppies are the absolute cutest. Can I have a dozen?