Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Foster an Animal: #1

And the #1 reason to foster an animal is...

 Because fostering changes the world. I know. You're thinking that I'm confusing this bold assertion with another rescue slogan: "Rescuing a dog may not change the world but it changes the world for that one dog." Friends, I'd like to argue that both are true. When I am not blogging about or otherwise occupied with animals, I am doing my day job as a social scientist. If you'll forgive me a moment of nerdiness, I'll explain.

Most people tend to think about the world like it's two separate places: Our own individual lives that are populated by our friends and family, and the big world with all its wonders and injustices that's somehow "out there" and not under our control. But here's the thing. "The world" is more or less just the sum total of all of our little, local human activities. That's it. Cruelty, injustice, misery, discrimination, opportunity, hope, and change--those things that feel like they are "out there"--those are all really just patterns of little, local, personal actions that we're doing every day. Do you pull the car over and help the dog on the side of the road? Do you take the extra moment to educate a friend about rescue? Do you sacrifice your carpet for a litter of unwanted puppies? These are small choices that we can each make. But in the aggregate, we absolutely change the world, not only for the dog or cat we rescue but for all domestic animals in our society. Over time and by sharing our work with others we reduce euthanasia rates. We lessen suffering. We educate and enable communities to be better guardians of animals.

When you change the world for a needy animal you also change the world. And that, my friends, is a great reason to foster. If you want to know more about fostering, contact a rescue group in your area. Believe me, they'll be happy to take that call. If you can't foster you can still help, and they can tell you how.

Pictured: (Above) 3 month old Irene, whose world changed from solitary confinement inside of a sweltering garage to a family of her own in one short week. And (at left) Falina. A gorgeous 10 month old pittie who was abandoned and hit by a car before being taken in by a local veterinarian. Falina, incidentally, is very urgently in need of a foster home. Contact CBBR for more information.

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  1. Breaking news. Falina has found a forever home where she has cat siblings and plenty of love and care. Good for her.