Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Back, Lillian

Lillian (right) is 7 months old, and delightful.
Sometimes even the most promising adoptions don't work out. Lil is a case in point. She was adopted by a great family as a young pup, but she never could stand to take orders from the resident bossy small dog. After much heartache, her adopters decided that for safety's sake they needed to return her. We're always sad when an adoption doesn't work out, but we are really not kidding when we say that our fosters all come with a lifetime return policy.

This week we welcomed Lil back into our family. We're happy to report that she is a non-stop cuddler and just loves "universal sister" Beatrice. Lil has even learned that that the cat is sharp and to be avoided. Good girl.

If you would like to adopt Lil, please stay tuned to for adoption information. For now, we'll enjoy having this little redhead around the house.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Michee loses a leg, gains a future.

Those of us in rescue see and hear about a lot of pretty hideous acts of  animal cruelty. But it never gets any easier to take. CBBR has just taken in a young pittie pup whose whole short life has been filled with suffering. Michee was "rescued" by some boneheads who told us that they took her from an abusive owner who kicked her repeatedly. These boneheads then allowed Michee to run into the street, where, of course, she was hit by a car. She suffered a severe compound fracture to a front leg. Said boneheads managed to take poor Michee to the vet, but refused to pay for her treatment. Instead, they took her home and wrapped her hideously broken leg in bandages and splinted it with used popsicle sticks and posted on Craigslist that they had a puppy who needed help. Meanwhile, the puppy was in such agony that she attempted to chew off her own leg, which had become infested with maggots.

12 week old Michee before her amputation. :(

Fortunately, a CBBR volunteer had a nagging gut feeling that she had better check the terrifying "pets" page of Craigslist. Thank god. Michee is now in the loving care of this awesome volunteer who has plenty of experience rehabilitating forsaken pups like Michee. Michee has lost her leg, but she has gained a second chance at a wonderful life. Please consider making a donation to CBBR to help cover the costs of Michee's surgery and rehabilitation. We're running a tab at every vet out there, but sometimes you just have to do the right thing and trust that the money will come. Click here if you can help.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Four-Legged Family

Pets are family. I'm guessing that, since you read my blog, that's not news to you. But after a lovely visit from my sister, her boyfriend, and their huge, wiggly pit bull named Sophie, I thought I'd take a moment to celebrate our inter-species families. Here's to all the families made up of critters and humans. What a beautiful part of being a person.