Friday, July 8, 2011

Rotterrier needs our help!

A lot of really wonderful dogs have gotten a new start at life after being dumped in Washington Park. (Remember Red and Rainey the "island dogs," Lil' Brother the pit bull, Tish the Boston, and of course Answer the supermutt?) This fellow appears to have been dumped, too. Matt and I encountered him on Wednesday as we walked Bea and Irene near the lagoon. He was resting in the tall grass, and all you could see was his head. When I sat down near him he walked right over. We couldn't bring him in, so we brought him dinner and started making calls to find him a placement. The next morning Matt thought he saw him reunited with his owner, but alas, this must have been some other dog. Yesterday he was found in the park by Laura, who contacted friends with Hyde Park Cats who contacte me. After keeping him safe last night, Laura had to relinquish him to Animal Welfare League this afternoon where he will at least be safe from cars and mean people.

This is a truly unique looking dog. He is shaped just like a Rottie, but he has adorable wire hair on his face and back like an Irish terrier or airedale. He's darling. He is understandably timid, but has a calm energy. He did not seem to care about my dogs when we passed him in the park.

While this dog is very temporarily safe at AWL, his prospects are not good unless someone steps up to foster him. CBBR would be happy to pull him if we have a firm commitment from a responsible, experienced dog person who is willing to provide Rottie Man with a loving home until he is adopted. If you think you're up to the task, please fill out an application to foster at  If you are with another rescue, please know that Hyde Park Cats has offered to contribute toward this fellow's vet care/neuter. This dog can be visited at AWL's intake facility, but--as is their policy with all dogs--can only be pulled by a rescue group.

Please share this post with others who might be able to help.


  1. Dumped dogs and cats have a unique sadness to them, having once known some kind of love. I hope he can find a person to love and trust.

  2. UPDATE: Christy, a friend and wonderful AWL volunteer reported that Mr. Rotterrier seems to have been pulled by a rescue! We're not sure which one, but this is very good news. Thank you to all of the people who helped get him to safety. So many little acts of caring added up to a very positive outcome. Yay!