Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happily Ever After--A Clover Update

A changed dog.

Anyone remember Clover, the teeny, miserable pittie mix that CBBR pulled from Anti-Cruelty Society late last summer? (Click here if you don't remember.) Well, Clover is now Latke, and it's hard to describe just how much this little guy's life has changed for the better since Ruth brought his catatinic little self home a few months ago. Latke has been adopted by an awesome family with lots of kitties and two very adorable little girls who like to play dress up and LOVE their teeny pit bull.

Latke has proven himself to be a top-notch citizen. He loves his humans, his kitties, and all of his dog friends from the park. He is playful, obedient, snuggly, and an all-around awesome little dog. As I understand it, he even enjoys playing dress up with the princesses in his house.

Latke with his girls.

If you want to know the truth, when I first met Clover I thought he might be a lost cause. I wasn't sure there was much of a soul left in there after all he had been through. But, boy, was I wrong. Never underestimate the power of patient care and attention or the heart of a pit bull. Good dog, Latke. And good people.

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  1. Woof! Thanks for the this post, Ms Eevie! You forgot to mention I was valedictorian of my dog training class! And that cuz of me Momz never has to eat a snack alone! Thanks for getting me this home, Eevie! Keep up the good work for us pibbelehs!